Audio Autopsy Music is a digital Techno label (July 2011) from the Netherlands. It all started with a party concept/collective called Champagnoise founded in 2007 by the DJs/producers Noisy and her brother Rocstar and their neighbour Bleephead, who have been into electronic music from a very young age and have experienced the beginning of the raves. Their aim was to expose the best sounds of the underground (varying from obscure Minimal, House to Techno or whatever sounded good to them), where champagne was the drink of the night. They didn’t play for money, but for bottles of champagne, which they gave away to the audience. A party on Ibiza followed in 2008, with djs from all over the world, specially flown over to play at the notorious cristal clear poolparty. In 2009, they started a new party concept called Audio Autopsy. This techno orientated event became a huge success, resulting in parties in Rotterdam, Berlin, Antwerp, Amsterdam and.. yup.. Middelburg. The next logical step was to start a label. The label is run by Noisy, genres we are looking for varies from dark, tribal, experimental techno to raw undefined and melodic techno, yet different then the usual standard. That is our aim.

We would like to thank all our listeners, artists and fans,  we can only exist because of you!